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Setting Up Samples (SUS)

Setting Up Samples SUS are also known as Recalibration Samples or Monitor Samples. They can be used to Set up an OES or XRF instrument, to check and correct the drift of instruments but can also be used to transfer calibrations between instruments. These materials usually contain a relatively large array of elements Elemental concentrations are not certified and only given as approximate values. There are no uncertainties reported. This means, Setting Up Samples can on no account replace the a CRM used for calibration. Setting up samples are necessary to accomplish quickly the "standardization" of spectrometers equipped with calculators; they comprise in a small number of alloys high points and a low point for standardization and drift correction of all the channels.

The production of our Setting Up Samples has been optimized to obtain the best possible homogeneity, taking into account their composition. Consequently, the setting up samples are capable of giving a highly reproducible spectrometric signal for the indicated elements. Our Materials have a very high homogeneity within tight boundaries and analytical intensities gathered from these materials are very stable. Read more about different types of reference materials in our compendium Section What are the different types of reference materials?

This Category lists our SUS for your daily standardization and drift correction. Choose the alloy class to find the SUS for your application.