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Aluminium Reference Materials

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" Our instruments are only as good as the material we measure on them, so we recommend the samples from Suisse TP (AluSuisse) because we can rely on the accuracy of the values and the homogeneity of the samples. "

Manfred Leenders, BDM for Metal Analyzers
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH

Aluminium Reference Materials

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because quality matters!


As Europe's longest established and one of the world's first producers of aluminium reference materials, Suisse TP (former Alusuisse) can look back on a long tradition since 1964 of spectrochemical analysis of Aluminum and it's alloys.


The NIST traceable analyses are based on latest or internationally accepted analytical procedures. All analyses are made in our ISO/IEC 17025 STS 0023 accredited laboratory.

highest quality on the market

High quality CRMs with very high homogeneity for highest reliability.

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Suisse Technology Partners Ltd. offers a wide range of certified reference materials. Our high quality CRMs are all analysed and certified in house. Our ISO 17025 accredited labs work with different independet measurement methods to guarantee highest reliability. Our standards are produced at a very high degree of homogeneity.

Stop searching the right reference material, start finding them. With the search by chemical composition you will quickly find what you've been looking for. We deliver very quick all over the world so give it a try.